21 thg 5, 2009

Felt Hair Clips

Source: Make it and Love it

Do you know a little girl who loves putting clips in her hair?

Want to make some?

Come on, of course you do......who doesn't have/know a little girl that could use some loveliness??

They are a fuss free project. And no sewing machine skills required. Only a little hand sewing......and only if you want to. Completely optional. :o)

You'll need:
  • Snap Clips (no idea what they are really called)
  • Variety of Felt
  • Thread
  • Hot Glue
  • Buttons/Beads/Etc

First, cut out your background piece of felt (using the clip as a sizing guide), that will later be attached to the clip.

Cut out whatever sort of shapes you'd like to place on top of your background piece.

Stitch around your shapes with some thread and add any buttons, beads, etc.

(I used these little beads for the eye.)

Stitch around the main background piece, just to finish off the look. Then attach the whole thing to your metal clip, by stitching on each end. (Mine had little holes to stitch through but you could also just loop it around a section of the clip.) Be sure to only go halfway through the felt while attaching the clip to it, so you don't see any of the thread on the other side.

Then I dabbed a little hot glue over my knots, just to secure them. And really, you could use any type of glue. I just love my 'ol glue gun. She serves me well!!

Then cut out another piece of felt that is the same color and shape as your main background piece. Make a slit on one end and slide the skinny part of your clip through. (Can you see the slit in my picture? If not, click on the picture to enlarge it.)

Glue this piece of felt to the main piece, right around the edges. This just keeps everything clean and neat.

Then, clip right in to your little lady's hair.

So Lovely.

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